golf joust beta test updates

Golf Joust Beta Version 2 and 3

SUMMARY: This was a frustrating several months, including making no progress towards meaningful tests because of development delays to the inability to convey the “premium” vision to the designer for the logo and brand update.

  • Interns don’t work. I need at least a senior developer with experience either playing fantasy sports (concepts) or developing fantasy sports (tactics) for online play.
  • Testers aren’t as concerned with the lack of a mobile app as I’d imagined. In fact, most of them prefer a desktop web application and the ability to check scores on their phone during the weekend. For example, set up the league and make selections during the week while at work, and check their leaderboard on their phone on the weekends. This could lead to cost savings at launch by focusing on the desktop application first and then building a mobile app once we have more user data to build from.
  • As much as I understand the product I’m building towards, I’m not the guy to write the technical software development docs, or even wire-frames. I’m pretty sure I cost us at least a month or more trying to do just that last December.
  • No one, and I mean no one likes buying Golf Joust coins / gems / etc., to then use for side prize or other purchases once the league is set up. I guess none of these folks play Clash of Clans. :-\
  • There is some life in the social media platforms! I’ll have to devote more time to this next year though.

In closing, we really didn’t put a good product out to test. I went with a low cost (<$500/month) data provider who turned out to be a Russian that no one in the world of fantasy sports trusts or recommends doing business with. We couldn’t even tell where he gets his data from and to make matters worse, he installed tracking code (which we removed) from our website after we ended our relationship with him.

2016, in terms of real progress for Golf Joust – was purely a learning experience.

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