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Golf Joust Beta Test Version 4

SUMMARY: I tested a new development shop and worked on integrating two different APIs for golfer and tournament data. The API integration worked well, and testers gave high marks to the improvements in game play speed, however, they still want to see near-real-time updates. The price difference for real-time API calls versus the one per day we utilized is in the thousands – not a viable option at this point. Other highlights of this test:

  • Multiple formats was a hit! Single tournament, The Majors, and Season Pass options will be in the next build.
  • The “lobby” feature – used by several other fantasy formats – still doesn’t work for Golf Joust. The most common complaint is the players want to see the leaderboard right away and then click into more details.
  • League Managers want to be able to add and drop players (NOT PGA Tour golfers) throughout a season-long event. Unless there is an option to collect payment from players for single events, this could be problematic and abused by some LMs.
  • Everyone has a “friend who doesn’t get it” the same as everyone has a “friend who wants into the next test.” From the outset, I knew this was not for everyone. League Managers have to enjoy the setup and controlling the league play – this means it is a different audience than the players themselves. However, the good part of this is we’ve narrowed the audience we need to recruit from to be successful.

In closing, this may be the last test for Golf Joust. I simply don’t have the cash or time (running Verge Pipe Media as a day job is a tall order) to continue in small formats without reliable data sources or larger development teams (both of which require money up front, and ongoing).

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