golf joust 2019 plans and direction

2019 Plans and Direction

After a disappointing 2018 where no platform development took place and several investor meetings led to, “call us when it’s built” I’m going back to the drawing board.

There are early stage investors out there who have an interest – I just haven’t found them. Although it was encouraging the positive feedback and understanding of what I’ve been trying to build, the money needed to meet the needs of premium fantasy golf lovers hasn’t been found.

Rather than continue testing small scale platforms which quite honestly, aren’t what I ultimately have in mind, I’m going to spend 2019 refining the pitch and hunt for those individuals who enjoy a risk-reward Par 5 like Golf Joust offers.

Similarly, I’ll continue testing other Fantasy Golf platforms and reading online comments and feedback on those platforms. I’m even going to use the PGA Tour Fantasy Golf app as content for the Golf Joust Instagram platform. Other social media content will come in the form of pro golfer and event venue news curated from around the golfing web.

Here’s to finding the right individual(s) in 2019 and seeing Golf Joust launched for the 2020 season!

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